Welcome to my Peace blog! 

CarrieGarden33I am a peace scholar, digital strategist and media maker from Portland, Oregon. I earned my M.A. in Conflict Resolution, B.A. in Political Science and am certified in Negotiation and Mediation. I have worked and played all over the world including India, Africa and SE Asia.

 I created Good Karma Media to support my yoga community, socially innovate and develop a conscious business model.

One of my best internship experiences, before entering the crazy world of business abroad, was as the Social Media Recruitment Intern for The Global Recruitment Team at Mercy Corps Global Headquarters. One of the things I did for Mercy Corps was create a social media recruitment manual called Networking Beyond Borders: social media recruitment for global aid and development.You can see some of the results of that project here.

My dream job is to work at Mercy Corps. In the meantime, I am developing my business Good Karma Media, and socially innovating, doing what I love: sharing peaceful messages through media. Mercy Corps mission is to alleviate poverty, suffering and oppression by helping people build productive, just and secure communities.


Carrie E.T. Stiles




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